Could Someone Help Me?

One thought is clear from Genesis to Revelation, ‘we can’t make it on our own.’

Since first hearing this statement I have learned how true and relevant it is to my own life. We need one another.

I remember one Sunday sitting behind the pulpit singing a song before my lesson. As I looked over the number of people who came to worship I noticed how few were smiling. Knowing the events in most of their lives I realized they were hurting. They came to worship God, but they were struggling with the pain of life.

At that moment I began to realize the vital nature of my message. These Christians, my spiritual family, came because they needed and wanted help. They were looking for a message to help them deal with their pain.

Spiritual leadership must always remember the necessity of helping others. It may be a friend, or a family member. When they come seeking help, let us lead them to the only one who can help ease their pain, Jesus. Think Souls!

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