Holding On Five More Minutes…

What a great idea! Perseverance is the ability to hold on just five more minutes. However, the struggle we face is developing the ability to persevere.

It can be difficult to “keep on holding on” when we feel we are at the end of the rope. Yet, one of the most needed qualities in leadership is this mindset.

Consider a few suggestions to help us in developing greater perseverance.

First, remember what has been invested and what is at stake. We have invested in leadership and those who are following rely on our guidance.

Second, do not forget there is help. In times when we think or feel alone we can face what seems overwhelming and insurmountable. An effort to tackle the situation alone can bring disaster.

Third, take one minute at a time. As with anything else, we need to break it down into one minute at a time instead of thinking five more minutes.

Fourth, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Simple, yet this statement is the foundation of perseverance.

Hold on! The soul is worth our persevering. Think Souls.

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