Read Any Good Books Lately?

In a recent visit with a friend I was asked an interesting question. What is the best book you have read in the last six months, apart from the Bible? I was ashamed to think I had only read one book. It was a good book, but just one.

At the same time it reminded me of the importance of continuing to be a student.

I must admit, sitting down to read a book is not my favorite task. However, I know the value and necessity of being a continuous learner. There are several benefits to our leadership when we are reading.

We expose ourselves to the experience and wisdom of others.

We learn a number of new possibilities.

We expand our understanding in a variety of subjects.

We maintain a fresh perspective.

We develop a greater ability to think more widely.

We communicate in ways more well informed.

I am always thankful when I am challenged to improve who I am as a leader. Thank you Cy for reminding me of need to be a reader!

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