Raising Up Giant Killers…

The Old Testament speaks of those capable of killing giants. Ten of the spies sent into Canaan caused Israel to fear the giants in the land. Their fear and complaining against Moses cost them entrance into the land. They wandered in the wilderness for forty years.

Israel’s army was also afraid of a giant and it took David to remove this fear.

One of David’s abilities as a leader was to surround himself with other giant killers.

Think about the 37 mighty men who served with David. No less than four of these men were involved in killing giants.

As we lead there will be giants who cross our paths. These giants will oppose our efforts to accomplish God’s will in leading others to heaven. They may take the form of financial obstacles, health challenges, differences of philosophy, and disgruntle followers.

Not only must we be able to overcome these situations, we need to surround ourselves with others who are able to help fight these battles and overcome.

Great leaders are able to see the qualities in others to accomplish the goal, even if taking out giants is necessary.

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