Leadership Word Of The Week…Confidence

Leadership must involve confidence.The idea of confidence is based in trust. We are able to place our trust in someone or something when there is reliability. The more reliable, the more trust we develop. The result is greater confidence.

Paul was confident in his Savior, the One who had the power to guard what he had entrusted to Him until that day.

John spoke of the confidence we can have in prayer.

The common thread in both of these thoughts is faith. Paul said; “I know whom I have believed.” John claims “these things have been written to you who believe.”

Our confidence as spiritual leaders is built on our faith.

With faith in the power of God’s word, impossibility is eliminated.
With faith in the working of God, prayers are answered.
When we have faith in the power of God’s word working in us, we can change the world.

I pray our leadership will always have the confidence God intended for a people of faith.

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