A Lesson From A Three Year Old…

I know many grandparents who treasure their grandchildren and I am no exception.

As my grandchildren learn to communicate, they are teaching me great lessons. Today, was one of those learning opportunities.

My grandson stopped by the office and decided he needed to work. I sat him on my lap and he typed away on an empty document. He did not notice as long as he could push the buttons on the keyboard.

He carefully placed his hands in position and pecked away. There is something cute about the sound of keys clicking at the fingertips of a three year old.

Since, I also needed to work, I sat him beside me in his chair. I pulled out the iPad and let him start his own work.

I am amazed how quickly he can dismantle various electronic functions. As I watched him, I was reminded of my influence on one at an age so pliable.

Leadership is not limited to adults.
Leadership begins with little ones who admire every word and action.

We should give more thought to the opportunities of influencing their future by our leadership.

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