Leadership Word Of The Week…Reproduction

Christianity is a learned, taught system. What we learn, we are to teach others. Being a Christian is about reproducing ourselves.

The same is true as leaders, especially spiritual leaders.

Our minds obviously go to David when we think about someone able to defeat a giant. If we examine the life of David we discover the need to raise up giant killers.

Look at the men surrounding David after he became ruler in Israel. Of his thirty-seven mighty men, no less than five were giant killers.

The point is to reproduce ourselves. It takes a leader to reproduce a leader.

John Maxwell has said; “if you want to grow, lead followers. If you want to multiply, lead leaders.”

Who will replace us? Are we planning, grooming, or mentoring someone to lead when we are gone?

The condition often found in the church today is a lack of qualified men to lead God’s people. Why? There are several reasons, but one falls in the need for leaders to reproduce themselves.

The time is now! Let leaders rise up and change the future by preparing others to lead.

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