Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“If you want to get the best out of someone – you must look for the best that is in them.” Unknown

I have heard, as I am sure you have, people generally find what they are looking for.

If we look for the worst, we will find it quickly. The same is true when we look for the best.

The question leaders must consider and answer is “what are we looking for?”

Jesus told the apostles to “lift up their eyes and look, the fields are white for harvest.” His words are just as true today. If we are not looking we will never see the need or act upon it.

How do leaders develop this ability?

Humility. The way we look at ourselves affects the way we look at others.

Compassion. When the distress of others touches our heart to act, demonstrating mercy, we are beginning to understand the work of Jesus.

Discovery. The more we learn about God the more we discover about ourselves and the need to look at others through His eyes.

What are we looking for today? Think Souls!

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