Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“No one ever finds life worth living—he has to make it worth living.” Unknown

Wow! However we make application, this statement is powerful. The value of life is determined not by what we find, but what we make.

Leadership is not about finding worth, hoping others will follow. It’s about making life worth living for those who are following.

Our task is to make the rough path smooth and the crooked straight. It is not easy, but it is worth it.

We live in a dysfunctional society. Families, schools, businesses, government, religions, and more, are dysfunctional, i.e. they are not functioning properly.

Too many are spending their time searching. As a society, we are trying to find something of value.

Instead, we need to lead and make life worth living. Our role is to give hope. Our work is of such a nature, we cannot allow the world around us to influence and direct our thinking. We must use the opportunities we are given to help others see the “so what?” and the “now what?” in life. The answers to these questions are what make life worth living.

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