A Great Biblical Leader…Moses

Moses is an obvious choice for several reasons.

The fact he led the children of Israel out of Egypt up to Canaan, even through the challenges of their excessive grumbling, we would rank him as a great Biblical leader.

Looking at his character, more humble than any man on earth, we see a great Biblical leader.

Recognizing his willingness to follow the advice of Jethro, preserving his mental and physical faculties, we find a great Biblical leader.

However, it is not for these reasons we should consider Moses today.

Moses is an example of a great Biblical leader because he started like most of us, denying himself and God’s power to use him to lead His people. When Moses finally submitted himself to God’s authority and direction, we find Moses becoming what God needed him to be.

He had flaws, needed patience, and needed to treat God as holy.

The objective for us is to learn how God can use us with our flaws and imperfections. If we will submit to God’s authority and allow Him to make us into the spiritual leaders we need to be.

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