Too Many Monkeys…

A recent gift was very thought provoking. One might think a kids toy (barrel of monkeys) would not mean much. However, the idea behind this gift is why it is so thought provoking.

It is not uncommon for leaders to take on more work than they are capable of handling. We often hear “it is just easier and quicker if I do the work myself.” Thus, the idea behind the gift and taking on more monkeys. We seem to keep adding more monkeys until we cannot carry any more and something breaks.

Is this right way to lead?
Do we help others reach their potential if we add more monkeys to ourselves?
Can significant growth occur if only a few (or one) do the work?

The thought to be learned is how to delegate and how to distribute the work load into the appropriate hands.

If everyone is doing their part, the entire barrel can be carried. When leadership continues to take on the responsibility of others, or cannot delegate new responsibilities appropriately, eventually a breaking point comes.

Guard against taking on more monkeys!

1 comment on “Too Many Monkeys…

  1. David Malley says:

    Great post Bob! Love the barrel of monkeys illustration 🙂

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