Leadership Word Of The Week…Participation

The approach of many in leadership is far too often one of monarchy. It is fairly common for leaders to fall prey to a position of authority or power. Several thoughts are descriptive of this style of leadership.

The leader is above the law. They see themselves as making decisions, creating the law, not following it.

The leader relies on force, either through emotional manipulation or physical motivation.

The leader believes they are indispensable. They are the only one who “knows” and can do the job right.

However, spiritual leadership thrives on participation. Spiritual leaders rely on the group overall and working with the group to achieve the goal(s).

Decisions and policies are made by and for the group.
Motivation is based on shared purpose and adequate communication.
Shared representation is built on “we” not “I.”

Participation in the role of leadership will involve patience, allowance of independence, an assumption of responsibility, and the need of cooperation.

We are striving to reach a common goal and need each other if we are going to make a difference. Think Souls.

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