A Great Bible Leader…Andrew

Andrew is one of the least mentioned apostles in the New Testament. Most references are connected to the listings of the apostles in the gospel accounts. To our knowledge, we have nothing written by Andrew. However, there is one account with a powerful lesson that makes him a great leader?

Andrew was the one to lead his brother, Peter, to Jesus. Andrew was first introduced to Jesus and, recognizing Him as the Messiah, he then went and found his brother and testified, “we have found the Messiah.”

We are aware of the powerful affect Peter had on the day of Pentecost and then in preaching to Cornelius, along with his influence through his letters. He had been given the keys to the kingdom and he used them powerfully.

One of the lessons we need to know about leadership involves leading others to Jesus allowing Him to work through those vessels to accomplish His purpose.

Who knows but the very individual we lead to Jesus is the very one who will lead thousands to the Savior.

Following the example of Andrew will strengthen the depth of our leadership.

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