I Have A Dream…

I have been blessed to spend time with my granddaughter the last few days. One of her favorite movies is Tangled (each time we are together we watch it several times). She has a special way of singing along with the various melodies throughout the movie. I am a little biased, but it is incredibly cute, to say the least. One particular song is entitled I Have A Dream.

I have and continue to learn much about leadership from each of my grandchildren, especially observing what they love to watch and do. What they dream and how their imagination works to achieve those dreams in their mind lifts my spirit. It helps me understand more why Jesus teaches us we need to be like children.

Several questions came to mind in listening to this song.

Do we have a dream?
Is our dream focused on us or others?
Is our leadership pursuing that dream?
Have we shared our dream with others?
Have we invited others to help achieve our dream?

Without a dream, it becomes challenging to develop vision, set goals, make plans, and achieve success. Are we dreaming yet?

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