A Great Bible Leader…Barnabas

In thinking about different leaders from Scripture, Barnabas stands out.

Barnabas was a great Bible leader because of his example in generosity. The scripture indicates he sold some property and gave it all to the apostles to help in the needs of the early church.

However, his generosity is not what I want us to notice about this great Bible leader.

Barnabas was the name given to Joseph, by the apostles. When we look at two specific incidents, we see why Joseph would have been given the name, Barnabas, meaning Son of Encouragement.

First, after Paul’s conversion to Christianity, people were hesitant to believe the change, until Barnabas stood up and spoke on Paul’s behalf.

Second, when Paul did not want to take John Mark on the next missionary journey, Barnabas was willing to give John Mark another chance.

In our leadership, we need to be like Barnabas. We need to be willing to stand up and speak for those who have changed their lives, and when they have changed, we need to give people another chance.

What an encouragement! What a need in leadership! Think Souls.

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