Leadership Word Of The Week…Expansion

Expansion is the action of becoming larger or more extensive. We understand and see the use of this term in several areas.

We talk about the expansion of a program of work. We discuss the expansion of a building project. We even develop plans for the expansion of our financial investments.

Several areas may come to mind, but do we really give thought to the expansion of our leadership?

If we are not careful, we can easily fall into the “comfort zone.” We enjoy the status quo and, before we know it, we create an environment where nothing happens.

Our leadership needs to be expanded. How?

Read more material about leadership and study how to grow our leadership skills.

Spend time with successful leaders whose portfolio goes beyond our own.

Ask God to open doors and grant wisdom to help us see and make the decisions to accommodate expansion.

A few simple steps can get the ball rolling. If we are willing to step out of the rut we are in and ask for a little help, our leadership will expand to greater levels.

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