A Channel Of Blessings…

We have discussed on several occasions the various ways we look at and define our leadership. I also realize there are numerous leadership styles and activities that characterize leadership.

When I considered the descriptions identified with the activities of leadership, a thought came to me that seems to flow well with the direction of our purpose as spiritual leaders.

A channel is defined as the conduit or path through which something flows. A channel of blessings, associated with our leadership, indicates the path or conduit through which others are blessed by our leadership.

As spiritual leaders, we need to know others rely upon the leadership we provide to help them enjoy the assurance of their destination.

We need to give hope, not despair.

We should offer possibility, not defeatism.

We build others up through promise, not degradation.

Scripture teaches us to bless our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. If we are to bless our enemies, does it not make sense that those who are striving to serve the Lord, who listen to us speak, deserve even better?

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