From Where Shall We Find Hope?

Have you seen the news lately? Is morality as bad as it seems? Can the economy really be as poor as we are told? What will we do if gas sores to eight dollars a gallon?

With the increasing negativity portrayed through the media, it would appear there is a need for us to be afraid. Combined with heightened awareness of disease, death, war, natural disasters, and more, we might question why, or what should we do?

Worse still, it would seem there is little or no hope of seeing any improvement, at least not anytime soon.

Perhaps these events are reminders to consider where we place our hope. If our hope is simply based on the material, physical world, we have reason for concern.

However, if our hope is in the Lord and the promises of His word, then no matter what happens now or 20 years from now, there is reason to rejoice.

Christians, let us rejoice in the Lord always. Let us lead with the spirit of hope and promise. The world needs something more and we have what is needed. Think Souls!

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  1. fd4tht says:

    So encouraging!

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