Leadership Word Of The Week…Perspective

Apart from an academic definition, perspective brings several thoughts to mind when viewed by two different parties.

For example, when unpleasant news is delivered, one party’s perspective may differ from another depending on the background of each.

A Christian perspective will be viewed from a foundation of Biblical significance. What God says and the contrast of physical versus spiritual concerns provides a more eternal perspective.

However, a worldly perspective is left with uncertainty, fear and doubt. The world’s philosophy can only paint a picture that is temporal and hopeless.

The world only seeks after what is pleasant, but the Christian knows there is value to be gained from any situation.

This is why spiritual leadership is so important. We live in this world, but we must not allow the world’s perspective to leave us uncertain, fearful and filled with doubt. We are to be the light that shines forth a message of hope. We have something far greater and lasting.

Regardless of the pleasant or unpleasant possibilities we meet in this life, a Christian perspective will always leave us and others with the courage to face the future with hope!

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