It’s Just A God Thing…

A recent acquaintance / friend was explaining some unexplained events in their life and they said, “It’s just a God thing.”

My first thought was, and continues to be, how refreshing to see others crediting God for working in their lives, beyond their own ability. You and I might express it differently, but the result is the same, “It’s just a God thing.”

Last week I was scheduled to fly from Denver to Dallas for a meeting. After a two hour delay to deice the plane, we were finally in the air. Then the pilot informed us of tornados in Dallas and we were rerouted to Lubbock. After landing in Lubbock, we were told we would fly into Houston. I did not make the meeting.

Looking back, if the plane had been on time, I could possibly have been right in the middle of this weather.

I did not understand it at first, but maybe it’s a God thing.

How about our leadership? Is God doing His thing? Are we frustrated when things do not go the way we want or when?

Sometimes we need to trust its just a God thing.

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