Leadership Word Of The Week…Walk

This word brings several thoughts to mind, the most common of which involves putting one foot in front of the other.

I have been in airports around the world watching people walk. Some walk slower, some faster, than others and most are dragging a piece of luggage.

Where are they walking? What do they think about as they walk through the terminal?

The Bible also uses this word, but with a different meaning. Paul uses it referring to a way of life, or conduct of life.

Paul instructs Christians to conduct their lives with certain qualities or attributes. He is not talking about a one time action, but rather a lifestyle, a way of living.

This word characterizes the whole of our leadership. Leadership is not about a one time event or activity. It must be a way of life demonstrated in the conduct of our life, lived before others in a way that influences the direction of others, eternally.

So, when someone tells us to go for a walk, we need to consider changing our conduct of life to lead as God wants us to lead.

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