The Payoff…

As a leader, there is a question that needs to be answered. What is the real payoff for our leadership? If we are leading with the right motives, what represents the payoff?

I know there are several fitting answers, but here is my thought.

The real payoff comes when the lives of those who are following our leadership change. This is what our leadership is all about. We are trying to change lives, eternally.

The results seen in the lives of others is the payoff. The change made in their lives each day is the payoff.

When we examine the work of Christ, ultimately at the cross, the payoff is seen in the lives He has and continues to change.

Looking into the writings of Paul, we also find the payoff of becoming all things to all men. He did all things for the sake of the gospel so he might “win the more.”

Spiritual leadership is not about seeking fame, popularity, and wealth, because it is not about you or me.. The payoff is summed up in the people who will see heaven because of our leadership.

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