Leadership Word Of The Week…Average

A number of thoughts come to mind when we consider the idea of our word for the week: average.

When we put all the numbers or items together and then divide we find an average.

We often examine an individual’s performance academically or athletically and determine if they are average.

We need to give a little more thought before describing someone as average. What exactly do we mean by this thought?

I find nothing wrong with determining an average or in being average.

However, when it comes to spiritual leadership, we need to strive for more than average.

Paul urged the church to “excel still more.” Peter expressed the need for Christians to “keep their behavior excellent.”

If excellence is the desired outcome of our Christianity, how much more should our leadership be characterized by the same?

We need to pray fervently, work hard, stay longer, and endure more. No, we are not trying to earn anything. Our efforts are to follow the example of Christ and provide an example for others to follow.

Such leadership points others to our Savior.

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