No matter where you are right now, chances are there are signs or billboards around you with a slogan.

One of my favorites is by Kay Jewelers, “Every kiss begins with Kay.”

Nike’s slogan has been used as an example by many, “Just do it.”

How about the Army’s slogan, “Be all that you can be.”

Do you remember the slogan for Wheaties cereal? The “Breakfast of ____________________.”

Perhaps you know the slogan for Maxwell House coffee, “Good to the last drop.”

This is not even a drop in the proverbial bucket of the slogans that dominate the advertising world.

We often find ourselves as spiritual leaders trying to connect the catchiest phrase or slickest slogan to our efforts to attract the most amount of people to follow.

While slogans can be good, we need to understand our leadership should not be defined by them. Our leadership is about leading others to Christ. It is not about a slogan. It is about eternity. Let us make our leadership count for something lasting. Think Souls.

In case you are still trying to figure out the last of the Wheaties slogan, it is “champions.”

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