After You Believe…

N.T. Wright’s book, subtitled Why Christian Character Matters, discusses the development of Christian virtue. His approach is for virtue to become “second nature.” The idea is for virtue to be the natural / automatic response of leaders.

The book develops three major thoughts. The first examines the virtuous purpose of Christian character. The Christian life is not one lived simply by rules, but the development of virtue to act naturally.

The second major thought discusses the need for character transformation. This transformation involves a renewal of mind. Character transformation must occur within, thus creating a change of actions demonstrated in virtuous behavior or conduct.

The third major thought considers the virtues of faith, hope and love. These virtues are connected to the development of the fruit of the Spirit within the context of community.

The premise for leadership emphasizes the need for practice and community. We must implement these virtues, but we need each other to do so. We cannot develop as spiritual leaders in isolation.

It is a good thought for leaders to consider today. Our leadership must be about character and helping others reach heaven.

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