Is It Worth Overdoing?

A recent acquaintance at the local gym made an interesting observation. In talking about our workout routines, he stated that when he was younger he lived by the idea “anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”

We both laughed, but later I began to think more deeply about this thought.

A fairly common term used when we work too much is the classic “workaholic.” We can easily get so wrapped up in ourselves and our work it consumes us and everything we do.

How do we prevent falling into this trap of obsessiveness as we travel through life?

We need balance. The task of balancing God, family, work, and any other activities can be most challenging. If we are not careful it is easy to become imbalanced and overdo one area above the other. Generally, we overdo work.

We need to evaluate priorities. Simply expressing an area of life as a priority does not make it so. We need to evaluate and live according to the proper priorities of God, family, work.

While there are other areas to consider, this is a beginning point to help us prevent overdoing in our leadership.

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