Leadership Thought Of The Day…

Never confuse pushing with leading. In other words; one will have more success pushing a rope than a church.” Paul Myers

Paul Myers is a very good friend who serves the Lord’s church in Salmon, Idaho. I have grown to love and appreciate his work in many ways. He shares a passion for leadership and I appreciate the thoughts he sends my way.

His quote was too good to pass up. The lesson is truly powerful and one we should learn in order to succeed in our role as spiritual leaders.

We often find ourselves struggling with moving a congregation in the direction the Lord desires. It may be the result of years of tradition, conflict, personalities, spiritual immaturity, or a hundred other ideas.

The challenge is to learn the difference between pushing and leading. People are resistant to being pushed. It tends to raise the hair on the back of the neck.

However, when we are patiently leading by gently pulling in the right direction, in time people feel more comfortable.

Be careful about frustration. Be patient and allow God to work to achieve his will.

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