Jonah And The Worm…

Jill Briscoe’s book, Jonah and the Worm, is one for all ages. While it is a quick read, the message will not soon be forgotten, especially in connection to the lessons on leadership.

God’s purpose is not always understood at first. Little Worm (as he is referred to) did not understand why God was sending him to Nineveh until after he ate the vine. There will be times we do not understand God’s purpose until we have completed His will.

Whoever does God’s will is great in His eyes, even though they may be small. We often overlook the significance of Gods’ smallest creatures. Yet, God will use those who are obedient to His will. Leaders should never overlook the role of anyone regardless of their size or contribution.

It is not the length, but the power of the message that changes lives. Jonah’s message was only five words and it changed an entire city. Our leadership must learn the significance of this lesson when leading others. Think before speaking.

I recommend this book. We need to constantly learn how to improve our leadership. The lessons here will help.

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