Leadership Word Of The Week…Tenacity

Tenacity identifies someone who is determined. There is a certain ability to hold on to something tightly with an incredible determination.

Look around. It does not take much to see how people demonstrate tenacity in all areas of life, from recreation to religion. When we examine our priorities we generally find our tenacity.

When I consider the definition of tenacity I think of the apostle Paul. I remember his words to the church at Corinth, “I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.”

What an incredible statement. Paul demonstrated tenacity in all areas of his leadership among the Lord’s people. Through his writings we continually see the driving force. Perhaps a few thoughts will help us understand how to be tenacious.

Be passionate…
Remove the impossibility factor…
Know what is worth dying for and live for it…
Have a clear vision of God…
Challenge yourself and others to do something great!

These few ideas can create a whole new approach to our leadership.

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