I’m Lovin’ It…

When was the last time we were so excited about something we could not sleep? Are we so passionate about it we are driven by it constantly?

While McDonalds has used the phrase “I’m lovin’ it” for some time now, I am amused every time I hear an attendant use very little enthusiasm expressing this phrase. Few seem to enjoy or even like their job, and I am sure adding this phrase does not help.

However, the idea behind it should be formidable for our leadership. We should have the type of joy, expressed by our enthusiasm, to demonstrate our love for God and in our leadership of others.

This does not mean we will always have good days. It does not mean our life will be filled with comfort and convenience. It certainly does not mean we will be free from tragedy, illness or difficulty.

What it means is our joy is found in knowing the challenges of life, whatever they may be, can be faced with confidence, knowing the outcome of completeness and a hope of an eternal dwelling far greater than anything this life offers. I’m lovin’ it.

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