Hang On Five More Minutes…

One of the things I despise the most is being on the phone and then put on hold. For some reason, like most of our culture, I do not like waiting.

If there is a set time for an appointment, I do not want to wait, nor do I want to keep someone waiting.

Perhaps it is due to my work background, culture, or something family related. Either way, the patience tends to wear thin quickly.

However, scripture teaches us to endure while we are waiting on the return of the Lord. He may delay in His coming and we must wait patiently with an eager anticipation.

When we face various trials we are to endure knowing the outcome of completeness.

We also learn that when we are suffering for doing what is right, we must endure it patiently. We do so knowing it finds favor with the Lord.

As spiritual leaders, our example of patient endurance, while waiting on the Lord, helps others recognize  how to live through the challenges of in their life. Sometimes, we just need to hang on five more minutes. Think Souls.

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