Leadership Word Of The Week…Frustration

What is it that frustrates us most? While the list is endless, let me attempt to name a few.

Do we get frustrated at incompetence? We just want people to do their job and care about doing it right.

Do we get frustrated at arrogance? It is challenging to hear others write or speak in ways that elevates themselves as better than others.

Do we get frustrated at hypocrisy? How badly we are looking for others to live what they claim to be.

Do we get frustrated at deception? Is it really too much to ask people to be true to their word?

Do we get frustrated when we see all the above?

Leadership is not unique when it comes to frustration. Followers get frustrated when they see leadership involved in any of the above also.

John Maxwell is credited with saying, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

It begins with us as leaders to set the example, providing a standard to follow. We must demonstrate patience and understanding in helping gently lead others to this standard, not condemn them or act condescendingly concerning their actions. Think Souls.

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  1. ramseur says:

    Please stop writing directly to me Bob. Love you and thanks for the encouragement

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