Leadership Word Of The Week…Position

The most common definition of leadership is often connected to position. A promotion to a specific position is usually identified as one of leadership.

One of the great myths of leadership involves the myth of position, i.e. “I cannot lead unless I have a position,” or “once I have a position then I will be able to lead.”

Position can be taken, given, or earned. Regardless of how the position is obtained, it always comes with responsibility.

It should also be considered that position has to do with a location, possibly where someone or something is or has been.

Having a position of leadership identifies both a location and responsibility. Spiritual leaders are in locations where a responsibility to help others exists. It is a position of helping others:

…understand hope for the future.
…reach their full potential in spiritual maturity.
…obtain their eternal inheritance.

I remember a few years ago hearing the following equation: ability + opportunity = responsibility. After some good thought, it sounds like a good position to me.

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