The Right Tool…

Although it is not my forte, I have tried working on a number of different mechanical items over the years from cars to electronics.

I might have enjoyed more success if I had learned some valuable lessons about getting the right tool for the job and the importance of knowing my limitations.

I generally try to make the tools I have available work or bluff my way through. The problem is I end up creating more work to repair what I have destroyed in my attempts to use a less than adequate tool.

I can see many similarities to leadership. There are often jobs that need to be done as a leader and we tend to approach the job without having the right tool, or being properly prepared and equipped to accomplish the work.

The result can create more problems than the initial conflict needed. It would do leaders well to learn to take the time and do whatever is necessary to prepare to achieve the job successfully.

Having the right tool in leadership can make the difference now and eternally. Think Souls. Prepare and know your limitations!

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