Required Or Recommended?

Several classes I have taken usually provide two lists of material to be read: required and recommended.

The thought behind these two seems to be self-explanatory. However, while it may be evident that required readings refer to the materials critical to the development of the purpose to be learned in the class, how do recommended materials fit?

After all, most people do not really read the recommended materials anyway, right? So, what purpose is met?

Recently I learned that recommended readings are given to help the student who desires to learn more about a particular subject. These materials are given because they provide additional benefit to the student.

Is our leadership seen as required or recommended? Do others follow because it is required? Is it because the general belief is that only by following will they receive an earned reward?

If others follow a recommendation, then they are following, generally, because they desire to go deeper and learn. The desire is to follow because of the additional benefit provided.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to state that leadership should be required and following is recommended. Interesting thought!

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