I have enjoyed studying the Bible for several years. One of my favorite things to do is sit down with plenty of time to really examine the text and highlight key words and phrases.

Once I have finished highlighting these areas in a specific book, I enjoy going back and studying how they are used in the text. I am able to explore the author’s intent by the frequency of these words or phrases.

I began thinking about how we should highlight our leadership. By definition, the idea of highlighting involves an outstanding part of an event or time.

A self-examination of our leadership is vital to understanding a number of key areas for our influence.

What about our leadership stands out that would highlight our leadership in the minds of those who are following?

How are we using our time to highlight the purpose of our leading?

We could ask a number of questions, but our consideration should always be driven to make sure that our leadership is highlighted in such a way to point others to Jesus. Think Souls!

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