We Shall Hear You Again…

When Paul visited Athens, his message received a mixed reaction. Some mocked his teaching about the resurrection. It seemed impossible for anyone to comprehend how a dead person could be raised to life. There were also others who believed and followed.

However, it is the group in the middle I find interesting. There were some who wanted to hear more about this strange teaching of Paul.

We often times miss this middle group. We have a tendency to push for a conviction. We want people to respond and make a commitment at that moment. As a result, some will reject the truth and some will accept.

Leaders should be more receptive to the reality that some people just need to hear us again concerning the message.

Never lose sight of the need for people to digest the message. Generally, the message is going to be far different from what they expected. It will be convicting, and it can be condemning.

Take a moment to reflect and ask if a return visit will provide opportunity to revisit the teaching and study further.

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