Leadership Word Of The Week…Unity

The culture of our world seems to focus on the opposite of unity. Interestingly enough, it appears that the idea of unity in diversity appeals to most people. Somehow, everyone wants to “agree to disagree” and still have unity.

This mindset is really the result of a postmodern development where the thought of absolute truth does not exist. Therefore, whatever is truth for one person may not be truth for another. Thus, we are comfortable with agreeing to disagree.

From the standpoint of opinions, I have no problem with being united even in the midst of disagreement. However, I do have a problem with unity at the cost of the integrity of truth in God’s word.

Doctrine trumps my opinion, and if we disagree, either one of us is right and the other wrong, or we are both wrong. We cannot both be right and disagree on the sound words of the faith.

Leaders need to be more diligent to make sure truth is stood on firmly, proclaimed boldly, and followed explicitly. Only then can we be united as God designed for the church.

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