What Comes Next?

I used to help build houses. It amazed me how few construction workers gave thought to the person who came behind them in the work. They appeared to be trying to get the work done quickly, save as much time or money as possible, and let whoever comes next worry about it.

We must guard against such attitudes in leadership.

Souls are at stake and if we are not considering what and who comes next, then the structure will not last.

As preachers, do we consider the preacher who follows us in a congregation? Are we thinking about the challenges they will face because of our decisions?

Elders, what comes next when you resign or pass away? What condition will the leadership of the church be in when the current eldership is gone?

Deacons, the same is true for you. What comes next in the church when you are no longer serving?

The list could go on, but I think you understand. We need to be thinking NOW about who will follow us and work to resolve necessary issues, so that who comes next will enjoy something better.

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  1. Daniel Mayfield says:

    Very well put. My parents always had this same mentality in raising myself and my four sisters. They always said that they wanted to raise us in such a way that their grand kids would be saved. They didn’t simply think about what they could accomplish in their lifetime, but what could be accomplished through their teachings and example for generations to come.

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