When Do I Get A Break?

If it sounds like I am complaining…well, maybe I am. However, we all reach points in life where we just want to take a break, get away, relax, recharge, and recuperate to some degree.

The question should not be when do I get a break, but why do I need a break?

Stress! The number one reason for needing a break is the stress of work, family, responsibilities, etc. Because stress takes its toll mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we need to be aware of how to deal with and overcome stress.

Time! Between work and family, time is a precious commodity. The world does not seem to be slowing down. To hesitate can put us behind where we need to be. If we could just slow down we might find the time we use is more productive.

Fatigue! Everyone gets tired. Too often, we tend to overwork, overeat, exercise less, stay up late, get up early, and push to beat the deadlines. The result brings fatigue.

We all need to think about the warning signs and learn when to take a break to better prepare ourselves to lead.

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