Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“We exist temporarily through what we take, but we live forever through what we give.” Douglas Lawson

I have loved this quote for a long time. I keep it on my desk as a reminder of what my leadership needs to be focused on doing.

The culture of our world is increasingly more and more about me. The result is a take mentality. What develops is a generation that is never satisfied and always wanting more. The insatiable drive to only please self becomes the motivating factor for every decision.

However, leaders cannot afford to allow this mindset to permeate their thinking or leadership.

Will it be easy to overcome the influence of a cultural mindset and redirect the thinking to a more giving society?

No! It will not be easy, but it can be done. Where it all begins is with me! When I develop a giving mentality, then the influence of leadership begins to change the attitude of others.

If we can help change one at a time, then eventually, the cultural norm will enjoy a lasting legacy.

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