A Cause Worth Laboring For…

We are all aware of the efforts often put forth toward a specific cause. Causes may range from self-preservation to self-gratification.

At times we labor in a cause that provides for the physical well being of others. We even appreciate the value of a cause that preserves the well being of the planet.

However, as leaders it is vital that we develop a vision for the spiritual cause of Christ.

A little Google research will indicate that Labor Day is designated to celebrate the social and economic contributions of the work force of this country.

While I appreciate many of the achievements by the workers of our country, I think it would do us well to understand the need for emphasis upon the cause of Christ.

We labor diligently to provide for the physical future of our families. We should also consider their spiritual and eternal future with the same intensity.

The Bible teaches us to work at providing for our families. The emphasis leans more, however, to the spiritual.

Of all the causes worth laboring for today, let us labor to lead toward an eternal future.

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