Planting The Seed…

One of the analogies of good leadership is connected to the law of harvest. Few illustrations are more powerful than planting a seed, cultivating it, and watching it grow into something beautiful.

Within the parables our Lord used similar analogies to teach a powerful message to His disciples. The parable of the sower and the parable of the tares teach lessons with eternal implications.

This week, we will focus on a few lessons from the first of these parables.

Leaders cannot always know where the seed is going to land. Our main focus is to remain true to the task of sowing.

Our leadership will have mixed reception. We will find it impossible to please everyone. Not everyone wants to follow.

Perseverance is an essential quality in leadership. We cannot quit and enjoy the success of leadership.

Leading others requires patience to produce fruit. Patient cultivation and a little T.L.C. will leave enduring fruit.

Lives are being changed by our leadership and it is worth the time we take to make sure we cultivate the seed properly for the good soil to be productive.

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