Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Great leaders know that success is a process not a destination.” Jon Gordon

Mr. Gordon is a well known author who has a list of 10 Thoughts About Leadership. This quote is number ten on the list. While all the thoughts are well stated, this one has special interest.

Success is generally defined by the individual. The definition is going to be influenced by a variety of factors depending on the material or spiritual interests of the individual.

Coupled with the way success might be defined is the idea of success being achieved when the goal is accomplished or the destination is reached. This is where Mr. Gordon’s thought struck a cord.

When leaders understand what the true destination is, then success will be understood in the process of reaching the goal or destination.

Within the process we see character defined, relationship development, redefining purpose through trials, and ultimate victory.

Through it all the success is wrapped up in this journey and the destination is the sweet reward at the end.

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