Do We Care?

This question came on the heels of three questions I heard in an after dinner speech by, at the time, Arkansas Razorback football coach, Houston Nutt.

He asked every incoming freshman three questions: Can I trust you? Are you committed? Do you care?

There is value in the first two questions, and we could spend time writing about them. However, the third question carries significance to this post.

When we care about a program, work, person, or cause, our perspective changes who we are and what we do.

Do we care about job security, financial security, modern comforts, recreation?

Because we care, we do whatever it takes to insure the stability of these and other similar areas.

Spiritually, there is another avenue to consider.

Do we care about knowing the Word, loving His church, reaching the lost?

Do we care about being right or making sure someone is right with God?

Do we care about living in harmony with our brethren or about our feelings?

The issue of caring, along with what we care about and why we care, makes a difference in how we pursue these areas.

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