Time To Get The Work Done…

One of the great benefits to traveling around the world is meeting and observing leaders in their various elements.

Recently, in a trip to Tanzania I observed how the work gets done in a different setting. The leadership is impressive and it was a joy to watch the various layers of leadership work together as a team to get the work accomplished in their annual Leadership Conference.

Men and women from a number of countries assembled to hear lessons on Biblical leadership from the Old Testament.

On this particular visit, I enjoyed seeing the national and international leadership work together ensuring every detail necessary for the success of the conference. The influence of the director was seen, not by his direct involvement, but allowing each leader involved carry out their various roles.

I was able to come away with a greater understanding of God’s plan for leaders, but also a wonderful perspective of how to get the work done, even across international and language boundaries.

Leadership around the world today needs to learn the value of working together as a team to enjoy success in achieving goals.

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