Leadership Word Of The Week…Rest

One of the most needed, yet elusive, requirements for quality production in leadership is rest.

Allowing the mind to shut down and rest becomes increasingly difficult. Considering the various projects to be completed, ensuring the individuals connected to the independent phases of the program work productively, along with the accountability accompanying each level of the work, it does not take long to see the need for rest.

We do not need statistics or scientific evidence to prove the benefits of proper rest on job performance.

As Christians, we understand that even Jesus spoke to the apostles and took them aside because they needed rest.

We also know about the promise of rest for those who belong to our Savior. This rest is what we lead others to receive.

When is the right time for rest, and how are we able to get the rest we need?

We need rest before we think we do. The best way to get the rest we need is to set a time every week where the phone is turned off and we are able to focus on non-work related activities.

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