Protecting The Good Of Everyone…

Recently, I spent several days in East Africa. Each night I slept under a mosquito net. While I do not enjoy swatting these pesky creatures, the fear of malaria is enough to sleep under a net.

Also, I exercise the precaution of taking a prescription medication to aid in preventing malaria…just in case.

The purpose of such precautions is to protect me from something that can be harmful and even fatal in some cases.

One of the roles leadership provides is protecting the good of everyone from what can be harmful or fatal. David understood this about the leadership of God as he wrote Psalm 23.

Take time to read through the lines of this Psalm and notice the protecting leadership of the Lord’s shepherding. The thoughts expressed outline a good framework for leaders of any generation.

Leading indicates the shepherd’s care demonstrated in areas that are physically safe.

Guidance seems to indicate a spiritual direction and protection.

Comfort is the result of needed discipline.

Preparation completes a thought of victory over challenges.

A few steps, but leadership can provide what is needed for the good of everyone.

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