Leadership Word Of The Week…Decision

Life is filled with the process of making decisions. The challenging nature of making decisions is often wrapped up in the multiplicity of options available.

While many of the decisions we make have little or no consequence to them, there are some decisions that change the course of our lives physically and eternally.

One of the greatest struggles in leadership is knowing that decisions change the course of our own lives, but also the lives of others who are following. Perhaps this is why we are warned about being teachers of God’s word, knowing we will face a stricter judgment (Jas. 3:1).

A few simple ideas will help us in the decision making process.

Pray for help, strength and guidance in this decision.

Remember, indecision is a decision. We must decide!

Investigate all possible consequences to the decision.

Do not always decide on the “easiest” course of action.

Give complete dedication to the decision made.

Always consider the motive behind the decision.

If we will take a moment to consider a few simple steps, we can develop greater confidence in our decisions.

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