Destination Disease…

Are we dying from the destination disease? What is it?

This is the final week for some of the students at the Bible Institute. Over the past 47 years several students have graduated the program.

It is not unique to any educational institution for students to face the destination disease upon graduation. The idea involves completing a goal and thinking it is the end, no need to study anymore, to work, or to grow. Basically, this is the top and nothing more needs to be done.

This is a dangerous place to be. Why?

One loses creativity. There is plateau of knowledge. The passionate fire of learning is snuffed out.

In the end, a form of mental death occurs.

The question we should consider is how can we avoid this disease? Based on The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, three ideas come to mind.

Be content with what you have, but never who or where you are.

Remember there are no shortcuts.

Always do the extra credit.

The destination disease can infect anyone. We need to work constantly at keeping the passion alive in life to be a student.

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